Special Needs

Many special needs children have particular dental needs and, as pediatric dentists, we are trained to care for all of them. In some cases, special needs children are more susceptible to tooth decay or gum disease or may have trouble achieving good dental hygiene at home. Others may take medication that can be damaging to the teeth.

Pediatric dentists teach the same methods of preventive dentistry to special needs children as they do to any others, focusing on improving brushing and flossing techniques, using fluoride toothpaste and curbing sugary snacks. Part of the pediatric dentist training also involves making patients feel comfortable and relieving anxiety in any patient. To this end, pediatric dentists are skilled in behavior management as well as effective, safe types of anesthesia and sedation. We can discuss the options with you as to how to most efficiently and comfortably treat your special needs child.

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